le champ e on is here!

the beast behind the wheels of steel

Over le Champ

For over a decade the house movement has been growing.

Day or night people collect in droves to join in the consciousness of the harder house sound. As a new generation of music appreciators develops, so grows Champ-E-on.
Dutch crowd favourite Champ-E-on has been an integral part of the oldschool/hardcore music scene in the Netherlands since his beginnings in 1991. He started his DJ career like many younger dj’s on his attic mixing with Lenco turntables without pitch. In those days he also teached his long-time friend Mark Vos dj’ing (not knowing that Mark would become the 1 st generation hardcore superstar dj known as Buzz Fuzz part of the legendary dreamteam).

Playing at local parties soon followed, where Champ-E-on defined his own unique style.

There has never been a dull moment in his career; due to the skills learnt through hard graft at the decks and endless listening to past, present, and future music, he performs as a potential big time DJ for the future, bringing in not only the flawless mixes but also clownesque entertainment skills most DJ’s dare not try in a club or event.
The Champ is, and has been, one of the main DJ resident at Multigroove Events for over a decade, in the very beginning he played each week at the legendary “House of God” one of the first hardcore clubs on earth, held in the infamous “Elementenstraat. Champ-E-on has played alongside such names as Horrorist, dj Dano, BuzzFuzz, Don Diablo, Cj Bolland, Phraga Khan, Joey Beltram, Dana, Jeff Mills, Luna and the list goes on and on. He is also part of the very popular “Zware jongens” together with long-time friend Buzz Fuzz. His talent behind the decks have built Champ-E-on into one of the most in demand oldschool/hardcore DJs today.
Champ-E-on’s positive charisma is infectious to all who know him and brought him to the highest level in today’s hardcore scene.

The Champ is here!!